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A glimpse of Alicante

Alicante is the main city in the region; crowded, multicultural, full of services, tourists, a huge port and a never-ending nightlife. The city centre never sleeps.


The main attractions for the tourists are  El Postiguet beach, the castle and the shopping centres. I recommend you to not stop here and discover all the secrets of Alicante.



A glimpse of Alicante port



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Swimming pools in Spain

Welcome to Spain, here you will use the swimming pool more than the heating machine. The most brave people use the swimming pool during all the year, others close the swimming pool during winter and open it from March to October. In all cases people always have a great satisfaction after building a swimming pool at home.


In Euromarina we offer you the possibility of having your own swimming pool in your house.



Swimming pool Villa



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Arab Tea House in Crevillente

Hidden in the mountains of Crevillente we will try to find Carmen del Campillo’s Arab Tea House, maybe it’s too hidden. If you go for the first time there is recommended to be guided by somebody who has gone before. The place is very beautiful and the atmosphere will make you feel like ten centuries ago in an Arab palace.



Arab Tea House Crevillente



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My experience in Aguilas

By. Sandra Donarska, Germany


A few years ago me and my parents spent our summer holidays in Aguilas. This nice, small town is located directly by the Mediterranean sea, it has a nice centre with cafes and bars where you can eat fresh Spanish food, for example seafood. Near the centre you will find the main beach. It’s quite large and crowded, especially in summer season. That´s why it’s good to know that in direction of Cartagena, which is only a few kilometres away, you can discover some small and nice places to enjoy the sun.




In Germany I teach salsa and I will never forget that my first salsa party in Spain was in a big disco in Aguilas named “budabu”. It’s a funny place because it looks like the open air disco, it´s built in the middle of nowhere. So I didn’t expect such a nice atmosphere with fountains, cocktails and good salsa music. 



Salsa Aguilas



There is an area, close to this place (between Aguilas and Cartagena) where you can rent a house with garden that will make your stay even more comfortable…


One day I will go back :-)

Torrevieja Salt Lagoons Natural Park

Torrevieja Salt Lagoons, maybe the most amazing place to see in the area of Ciudad Quesada. This huge Natural Park (3.700 hectares) with salty water from the sea is a protected area because of its unique vegetation and the fauna that lives there, mostly birds and flamingos. The water and mud of these lagoons are very good for health.



Torrevieja Salt Lagoons


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Living in a residential

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a residential?


In Spanish Mediterranean coast it’s very common to live in a gated residential with a big swimming pool and green areas. There are many advantages of living in this type of accommodation like the security, private parking, atmosphere, peace and quiet. Children can go out to play alone in their garden or they can have friends in similar age.



Living in a residential in Spain. Albamar



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10 Tips for saving money in Spain

Spain is a country with good prices in most of the products, but I’m sure that with this tips you will be able to save lot of money in Spain:


1)    Check prices in different supermarkets, they always have some products really cheap and other ones more expensive.  Example: Lidl has a good price of meat but vegetables use to have higher prices than other supermarkets.


Saving money in Spain, supermarket


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Mediterranean landscape

This is the best description of Mediterranean landscape that I can give you; Unique, colourful and emotive. The Mediterranean region of Spain is one of the most touristic places in the world, its unique landscape is one of the reasons.

Energy from the sun and sea breeze make a perfect combination leaving landscapes like these ones:



Mediterranean landscape

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