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Mediterranean home

Have you ever dreamed about living by the Mediterranean sea? Waking up with the sound of the waves? Enjoying endless evenings at your own terrace? Sometimes dreams come true.


In our region you can have a lovely Mediterranean home and buy products from your country in the markets and shops. You can find restaurants from all over the world near your home, international bilingual schools and even the newspapers from whole Europe.


Costa Blanca is an incredible area for living the “Spanish life”, there are all kinds of services for foreign people here.



Mediterranean home Lucia



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Moors and Christians

This festivity revives the history of the battles between Moors and Christians in Spain between VIII and XV century. This festival is recognised as being of International Touristic Interest in Alcoy and Villajoyosa.
To understand this celebration first you have to know a little bit about the history of Spain during the medieval times.



Moors and Christians festivity



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Ice skating in Elche

At the Spanish Mediterranean region live lot of people from the north of Europe, some of them love ice skating or ice hockey. Is it possible to find a place in Alicante or Murcia for enjoying the day skating or playing ice-hockey? Don´t worry, you can go to Elche Squash Club. At this place you will be able to practise your favourite sport with the perfect conditions.



ice skating Alicante


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Healthcare in Spain

The Healthcare in Spain is considered one of the bests in the world, also the Mediterranean areas of Spain are amongst the healthiest places in the world to live, a fact endorsed by the World Health Organization.


Public healthcare in Spain works really well, the only problem for foreign people is the amount of boring documents that you should fill to have the Spanish Social Security number, which you get only after having residence permission and N.I.E. (Foreign people identification number).



Healthcare in Spain



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