Mediterranean sea

Places and routes | 18 Apr 2013

We wouldn’t  understand the life in Mediterranean region without knowing a little bit about Mediterranean sea, which is very calm, relaxing and warm.

In summer, the temperature of water reaches 26 °C. In winter it goes down until 14 °C.


There are 23 countries, that have a coastline on the Mediterranean sea – 23 different cultures share the same water. The history has made a beautiful cultural exchange that nowadays we can appreciate in the gastronomy and languages from all these countries.

The sky over the sea is always clean, almost without clouds and the sun shines every day.


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Mediterranean sea is the most popular destination of the world. The climate, beautiful coastline and rich history each year attracts one third of the world´s international tourism.


Now, when you know a little bit more about the Mediterranean sea, you can check how would be your life here.


From March to October you shouldn´t be worried about cold, during these 8 months, days are warm and long, the sun stays on the sky until 21:00 p.m., the Mediterranean breeze is pleasant and just a few days you will have rain.


The winter will pass fast and even some weeks during winter can be really warm.


But the best experience is to wake up in the morning and look the clean sky through the window.



House Mediterranean sea



Where? In Euromarina´s Towers.



La Manga, Mediterranean sea


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