Bonfires of Saint John festival in Alicante

Culture | 17 Jun 2013

The Bonfires of Saint John or as Spanish people say "Hogueras de San Juan" is the most important festival in Alicante. It takes place every year from 19th to 24th of June, if you decide to see Bonfires of Saint John festival in Alicante be sure that you will be in the city on June's 24 night.



Bonfires Saint John



This celebration is similar to Valencia's Fallas in a few aspects, they place beautiful monuments made of wood, cardboard, mud, paintings, cork and polyurethane through the main streets of the city. People can see all these monuments for a few days surrounded by celebrations and an incredible atmosphere. 



Bonfires of Saint John Alicante



When the night of the 24th of June arrives, the fire becomes the main attraction. Everybody goes to the beach to see the great fireworks and the beautiful monuments go up in flames. When firemen arrive with water to put out the fire, people start to scream at them, finally firemen always throw water to everybody and the party starts.



Bonfires Alicante



People place bonfires all over the beach and stay next to them for the whole night. Following the tradition you should make a wish, leap the bonfire and then run into the sea. Other people just write down their desires on a piece of paper and throw it into the fire.



Bonfires of Saint john



Bonfires of Saint John is celebrated all over the country but the main festival is in Alicante, every year thousands of tourists go for this celebration, nowadays Alicante's St John's Bonfires is recognized as a Festival of International Tourist Interest. If you want to find a hotel in the city, try to book as soon as you can.


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