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Shopping | 8 Jul 2013

Santa Pola is a beautiful city by the Mediterranean sea, it's mostly a summer destination. Population during winter is less than 40.000 people but between June and September population grows up to 100.000 people. Santa Pola has many beaches, a fortress and a very beautiful beach promenade for having nice walks in the evenings. 



Shopping in Santa Pola. Air view



Santa Pola is a nice city to go shopping, especially if you want to buy fresh fish or souvenirs from the sea; it has many different areas including two different shopping centres. It will take us 30 minutes driving from Ciudad Quesada.


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If you want to find the traditional souvenirs from the sea I recommend you to go for a walk around the city centre. There are many shops in the streets near the castle where you can find original gifts, clothing, shoes and complements. 



Santa Pola Shopping



Santa Pola has two different shopping centres:


· Polamax is located is located in Portugal Avenue, 39. It has a great supermarket, restaurants, cinemas and many shops.


· Gran Alacant shopping centre is located a little bit far away from the city centre, in Gran Alacant hill. It has many supermarkets and a huge offer of restaurants.



Santa Pola shopping, Gran Alacant





The main market is located in the city centre and opens every morning from 08.00 to 14.00, it has a huge variety of Mediterranean fresh food.


Every Monday and Saturday from 09.00 to 14.00 there is a nice market next to Cruz Roja where you can find many different products.


In summer season, every evening at the beach promenade there is a nice market with souvenirs.


The fish market in Santa Pola is one of the most famous in the Spanish Mediterranean region, it's located next to the port and opens Monday to Friday from 17.30 until late evening.



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There is a huge offer of restaurants and cafeterias all over the city.


In summer season can be difficult to find a parking in the city centre, avoid it and park your car 5 minutes walking from the centre. Other option is to drive directly to the paying car parks located all over the city centre.


You will have a nice and relaxing shopping day in Santa Pola.


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