Weekend in Granada

Places and routes | 13 Aug 2013

Granada is a perfect city for going to a 3-4 day trip. It's located in Andalusia, what means that you will eat really good tapas. It's about 3 hours from Murcia by motorway.


Granada was a capital of the Arabic kingdom in Spain and one of the most important cities in Europe. Nowadays we can still feel the Arab style all over the city.



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  What to do in Granada?


Visit Alhambra (in Arabic language it means "red fortress") – it was the palace of the Sultan and also the castle where the army was stationed. Alhambra is located up on a hill and to get there, you have to walk or take a bus. I recommend you to go walking, the way is very beautiful and it's just a 10-15 minutes walk. 

You can visit some parts of Alhambra for free: gardens and the palace of Carlos V. To enter to Alcazaba (army castle) and to "Palacios Nazaries" you will have to buy a ticket. It's better to make a reservation of the tickets by internet some weeks before because it's one of the most visited places in Spain;



Weekend in Granada



Albaicín and Mirador de San Nicolas


Albaicín is a quarter of Granada that keeps the Arabic style of this city. Having a walk there is just amazing – you can lose yourself in small alleys, hidden squares, stairs... see beautiful white houses, flowers... and in the end (in the top) you will find Mirador de San Nicolas – the place, where you can see the most beautiful views of Alhambra. Usually this place is full of tourists and there are lots of people playing music and selling souvenirs;


Weekend in Granada



Tapas, tapas, tapas. All over Granada – in every bar you will get some tapas if you order something to drink. In some bars you will be able to choose what you want as a tapa and in other places you will just get what the cooker wants to give you. Some nice areas for going to try delicious tapas of Granada are: calle Elvira, behind the town-hall and near "Plaza de Toros"; 



Weekend in Granada



Skiing is also possible in Granada – about one hour from the city there is a place called Sierra Nevada. In winter you have excellent installations for skiing there. 



Weekend in Granada



Granada is just an amazing city. In addition to mentioned sites above you can also go to visit the main Cathedral, Paseo de los Tristes or just walk through the streets and discover the most hidden places. But be careful, Granada can be a little bit dangerous. In crowded places take care of your things and everything will be fine. Also there are always some old gypsy women in the way to Alhambra, in the Cathedral and in the touristic places giving you some plant. If you take it to your hand, they will ask you for money.


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