Health resort in Los Alcázares

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The health resort of La Encarnación is a natural spa of 20th century. It’s located on the seafront of Los Alcázares a few meters from Mar Menor. The thermal baths used the water of Mar Menor that has a salts and iodines that are a fantastic solution for your healthy problems. The medicinal waters of spa reduce your rheumatic, orthopedic, dermatological and respiratory problems.



Balneario La Encarnación

Hotel Spa of La Encarnación. By



The Hotel Spa of La Encarnación was built in 1904 by Alfonso Carrión Belmonte. In this place the style of 20th century is preserved yet. There are an old tapestry armchairs, a lamps of glass tube, an old piano in the lounge, a cash register and a typewriter in the reception of the hotel among other antiques.



Balneario de la Encarnación

Spa of La Encarnación. By



The Hotel Spa of La Encarnación has 36 rooms in the first floor. In the ground floor has an area with a small fountain surrounded by geraniums and rosebushes.



Balneario de la Encarnación

Garden of Balneario of La Encarnación. Vía:



This health resort was visited by wealthy people: political, military, famous artists, capitalists, bussinesmen and other famous persons.


The thermal baths of La Encarnación were visited by the King Alfonso XIII and the Infant of Orleans to enjoy the therapeutic properties of the water of  Mar Menor.



Baños termales

Thermal Bahts of La Encarnación. By



The original thermal baths are preserved yet. You can see the antique wooden basin, marble bathtubs and marble basins that were created from a single piece.


It’s a magical place of 20th century that you should visit in Los Alcázares.


You can visit the Spa of La Encarnación from June to October.



Phone: 968 575 007

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