Climbing in Orihuela

Places and routes | Sports | 8 Apr 2014

The mountain range of Orihuela is an ideal place to climb. You can visit a suitable areas for practise this sport such as the Pared Negra, the Pared Frontal and the Triángulo Rojo. We suggest you to visit the Pared Negra where you can climbing in 30 different routes of low difficulty.



Escalada en La Pared Negra de la sierra de Orihuela

La Pared Negra. By



The Pared Negra has 150 meters high and 90 degrees tilt. It’s a dark rock quality with an  excelent adherence. It’s an atractive place for lovers of climbing.



La Pared Negra de Orihuela

La Pared Negra. By



You should visit the Pared Negra from autum to spring because in summer its very hot.



Escalada en La Pared Negra de Orihuela



Remember wear a helmet because climbing is a dangerous sport and usually fall all kinds of stones in the Pared Negra.



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