Palm Sunday

Culture | 10 Apr 2014

Palm Sunday is celebrated the sunday before of Easter. It’s a religious day in Spain. That day we celebrate the Procession of Palms. It’s a religious event where thousands of religious people walking the streets of the city carrying white palms to commemorate the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. The Procession of Palms of Elche was declared Festival of National Tourist Interest in 1997.


Procesión de las Palmas




We suggest you to visit the Market of Palms. You can go to this market a few days before Palm Sunday. You can see all types of handmade white palms such as smooth palms, braid palms, lapel palms and special palms of two or three meters with decorative elements from Elche.



Mercado de las Palmas




Nazarenes, bearers and archers recreated scenes from the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ in the Palm Sunday. You should bless the white palms and olives branches before  the procession.



Domingo de Ramos de Elche




The City Hall of Elche gives traditional white palms to the Pope, the spanish Royal Family and the head of the Spanish government every year. The white palm that they give to the Pope presides the Palm Sunday mass from Rome.



Procesion de las Palmas Elche

By españ


If you go to the Procession of Palms you should put the white palm blessed in a window or a balcony for protect the residents of the house. It’s a tradition of Spain.


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