Santa Pola Salt Lakes

Places and routes | 21 Jul 2014

The Nature Reserve of Santa Pola Salt Lakes is located in the south of Alicante. It’s a wetland to exploit the extraction of salt. You can acces to the salt lakes across the N-332 highway of Alicante to Cartagena. If you would like to see this amazing views of pink and green water you should visit this salt lakes.



Salinas de Santa PolaSanta Pola Salt Lakes



The Salt Lakes are preserved since the 19th century because the water flows through a circuit rafts all year round. The area has 2,740 hectares. The salt is obtained as a result of water evaporation.



Explotación salinera

Saltworks. By



The Natural Reserve of Santa Pola Salt Lakes is included in the list RAMSAR and ratified in the Wetland areas of Europe and North Africa of the International Sea Project. Also it’s declared Important Bird Area.




Flamingos of Santa Pola Salt Lakes.



The area have a great variety of fauna that live in the salt lakes throughout the year. They feed fish and invertebrate animals. You can view a lot of flamingos in concentrations up to 8.000 specimen.



Vegetación de las Salinas de Santa Pola

Vegetation. By



The Salt Lakes have three different vegetation areas such as salt marsh, reed beds and dune vegetation. The plants of salt marsh accumulate salts in the tissue. The vegetation of reed beds is located around ponds and waterways of fresh water. Also grows vegetation in the dunes.


If you visit this beautiful natural park we recommed you to go to the Salt Museum situated in the old mill near of the Information Center. Also you can visit the observation areas of birds.




Late afternoon. By



Finally, we suggest you to visit the Tamarit Tower to observe this spectacular late afternoon. 




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