Natural Pools of Torrevieja

Places and routes | 23 Jul 2014

Would you like to take a calm bath in Mediterranean Sea? We suggest you to visit the Natural Pools of Torrevieja. It’s located in the Juan Aparicio seafront near of the Cura Beach. The artificial pools are situated in the middle of the sea surrounded by small creeks and rocky areas.



Piscinas Naturales de Torrevieja

 Natural Pools. By



The natural pools were created when the seafront was restyled. The breakwaters were built to avoid the waves. Also it has metal ladders for acces to the pools. 



Piscinas adaptadas a discapacitados.

 Natural Pools. By diarioinformació



The area has a great variety of services and a disabled zone. The natural pools have a platform with 22 individual seats and a gangway with handrail for disabled persons.



Paseo Marítimo Juan Aparicio

 Seafront. By



It’s an amazing area for snorkel lovers. It has a wonderful seagrass ecosystem.



Paseo Marítimo Juan Aparicio

Juan Aparicio Seafront. By



If you likes to take a bath with calm clear blue waters without waves you should visit the Natural Pools of Torrevieja. It’s a lovely place.

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