Astronomical Observatory of Puerto Lumbreras

Places and routes | 2 Sep 2014

The Astronomical Observatory of Puerto Lumbreras is located in a natural environment of Murcia. If you visit the natural landscape of Cabezo de la Jara you can see the sky without light pollution. We propose you to practise the Knows the Stars plan of Astronomical Group. It’s a night tour with guided visits, talks, outdoor seminars and observations of the constellations with telescope.



Puerto Lumbreras

Astronomical Observatory of Puerto Lumbreras



The Astonomical Observatory has an area of 80 m2. It has a cupola, a observation room and an astronomy classroom with CCD cameras to make photography, video and computer control. You can observe the constellations with the reflector telescope. Also the observation room has a television screen to view the telescope images.



Puerto Lumbreras

Ecotourism Route. By



The ecotourism route is situated around the Astronomical Observatory. If you make this route you can see a solar system to scale, two sundials, a lunar clock and three wonderful lookouts to observe the stars.



Nebulosa omega

Nebula Omega and Reflector Telescope. By



The Astronomical Group of Murcia guides the night tour. They’ll make an introductory talk of astronomy concepts and narrate legends of the constellations. The visit finalize with an outdoor observation and telescope observation of the most famous constellations.




Astronomical Observatory of Puerto Lumbreras. By



We suggest you to realise a guided tour that the Astronomical Group organize all wednesdays and saturdays at 10 p.m. in summer. Also you can visit the Observatory Astronomical all saturdays at 9 p.m. in winter.


If you like the astronomy you should visit the Observatory Astonomical of Puerto Lumbreras.  


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