Carthaginians and Romans

Culture | 15 Sep 2014

Cartagena is a lovely city with 3.000 years of history. It has a historic charm with archaeological remains, castles, fortress and modernist buildings. The Carthaginians and Romans festivity is celebrated in September to commemorate the past of the city. It was declared Festivity of National Tourist Interest in 1.999.


The XXV edition of Carthaginians and Romans festival is celebrated this year. If you visit this festivity you can relive the history of the city with different historical performances as march-past, fights, races, landings, the Roman Circus and the Big Fight.



Fiesta de Cartagena.

Carthaginians and Romans. By




More than 5.000 people dress with clothes of the 3th century BC to revive the great feat of the carthaginian and roman heroes.


Troop and legion march-past in Cartagena better than the romans of the best cinematography productions.




March-past of Carthaginians and Romans. By



Cartagena returns at the past. The city relives during 10 days the historical events that took place 2,000 years ago as the destruction of Sagunto, the Diosa Tanit Oracle, the Anibal and Himilce wedding, the declaration of war of the Roman Empire to Carthago, gladiator fights and chariot races in the Roman Circus, the Hannibal's army towards Rome and the great battle.




Carthaginians and Romans. By



The Festive Camp is an enclosed area set in the Carthaginian, Roman, Greek, Iberian an Phoenician culture of the 3th century BC.



Campamento Festivo

Camp of Carthaginians and Romans. By



Carthaginians and Romans have bars in the Festive Camp where you can taste liquor and tapas of Murcia. Also they make leisure activities for children, performances and typical roman food.




Carthaginians and Romans. By



Visit the Carthaginians and Romans festivity and enjoy it.


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