Excursion to Archena

Places and routes | 20 Jan 2015

Archena is a lovely town located in Murcia. It’s only 50 minutes away from Ciudad Quesada. If you visit this village you can see lovely places such as the Health Resort of Archena, a Chapel, the Casino, the Museum, the Villarias and Garden Palace, the Big House, the San Juan Bautista Church, the Don Mario’s Castle and the archaeological remains of El Cabezo del tío Pio.



Balnerario de Archena

Health Resort of Archena. By regmurcia.com



The Health Resort of Archena is very famous in Spain. It’s surrounded by an amazing landscape. It’s one of the best spas of this country. If you visit this spa you can enjoy the best beauty and health treatments. Also you can visit the Chapel and the old Casino of this resort.



Balneario de Archena

Casino and Chapel. By regmurcia.com



The Villarias Palace was built in the 19th Century. It’s located in the midtown. Actually, this palace is the Ricote Valley Interpretation Centre. If you visit this site you can see an exhibition about the murcian poet Vicente Medina.



Palacete y jardín de Villarias

Palace and Garden of Villarias. By regmurcia.com



This lovely garden is situated around the Palace. It has a great variety of flowers, palms, pine, casuarina, Judas tree, jacaranda, algarrobo and eucalyptus. Also it has a beautiful pond with waterfalls and a pergola surrounded by Judas trees.



La Casa Grande

Big House. By regmurcia.com



The Big House is the oldest monument of Archena. It was built in the 15th Century. Nowadays is the Casa Consistorial.



Castillo de Don Mario

Don Mario Castle. By archena.es



The Don Mario Castle is a fortress located in a small hill of Archena.



Museo de Archena

Archena’s Museuem. By allyouneedinmurcia.com



If you visit the Museum you can know the history of the village. Also you can see the archaeological remains of the Cabezo del Tío Pio such as amphoras, urns, kalathos, Attic pottery and arms.




San Juan Bautista Church. By regmurcia.com



Finally, we recomend you to visit the San Juan Bautista church. It’s a baroque monument that was built in the 18th Century.

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