Paella with cod and vegetables

Gastronomy | 26 Feb 2015

Paella is a typical food of Valencia. It’s very famous around the world. There are many versions of traditional paella. We tell you how cook a paella with cod and vegetables in this post. Also you can watch a video recipe. The chef of La Laguna Hotel show you how cook a paella with cod and vegetables.



Paella de arroz con verduras y bacalao



Ingredients for 2 persons:



· 50 g cod


· 50 g red pepper 


· 50 g green pepper


· 50 g aubergine


· 50 g courgette


· 50 g broad bean


· 100 g cauliflower


· 125 g rice


· 3 artichoke


· 50 g tomato sauce


· 1 clove of garlic


· Food coloring


· Olive oil


· Salt





How to cook it?


1) Stir-fry cod.


2) Boil cod.


3) Peel cauliflower and garlic.


4) Cut vegetables into small pieces.


5) Put oil in the paella.


6) Add vegetables.


7) Put broad beans in the paella.


8) Stir-fry broad beans.


9) Add tomato sauce, rice and food coloring.


10) Mix the ingredients.


11) Put the fish soup and cod in the paella.


12) Add salt.


13) Simmer for 20 minutes.


14) Taste and enjoy it!



Paella Recipe





Paella with cod and vegetables is served hot in a large plate. We recommend you to add lemon.



Paella y vino tinto


We suggest you to eat the delicious paella with red wine. Watch the video and enjoy it!



Paella with cod and vegetables

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