Archaeological Museum of Guardamar

Culture | 22 Oct 2015

MAG is the Archaeological Museum of Guardamar. It’s located inside the cultural centre. If you visit this museum you can know the history of Guardamar. It has different exhibitions with archaeological and ethnographic remains. You can see Iberian, Phoenician, Roman and Muslim archaeological remains of great value.




Museo Arqueológico de Guardamar

 Archaeological Museum of Guardamar. By



This museum has numerous artefacts from a range of Mediterranean cultures such as gray ceramic, perfume bottles, Egyptian charms, Phoenician remains, weapons, Greek pottery, Roman underwater archaeology, amphoras, naval vessels, Islamic pottery and Medieval pottery.



Lady of Guardamar

Lady of Guardamar. By



The Lady of Guardamar is very famous. It’s a contemporary Iberian sculpture. It was discovered in fragments in the Phoenician archaeological site of Cabezo Lucero in Guardamar del Segura on 1987.



Rabita Califal Guardamar

Rabita Califal. By



The museum holds a life-like representation of the Islamic prayer cell.



Archaeological Museum of Guardamar.

Ethnografy showroom. By



Finally, the Ethnological Section contains various articles and information pieces dating from the most recent history of the town such as the project of the Guardamar dunes, farm tools and folk pottery.

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