Spain, world's leader in donation and organ transplants

Useful information | 11 Dec 2019

Spain is being the world's leader in donation and organ transplants for the last twenty-seven years. In matters of health, Spain stands out for having the world's highest donors rate and the best transplant system. 85% of the Spanish say “yes” to organ donation.

According to the National Transplant Organization, 2.243 donations were reached in 2018, which allowed for 5.314 transplants. Nowadays, donation rate is 48 donors per million people and transplants rate increases up to 114 per million people.

Spain, world's leader in donation and organ transplants

European Union average donors rate is around 22.3 donors per million people (p.m.p). In comparison with other countries, Spain has 48 donors p.m.p., while the U.S.A. has 31.7 donors p.m.p., France has 29.7 donors p.m.p., Australia has 20.8 p.m.p., and Germany 9.7 p.m.p., amongst others.

Thanks to the people's solidarity, Spanish are the population with the highest possibility of receiving a transplant in the planet.

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