Easter in Mediterranean region

Culture | 25 mars 2013

Easter is one of the most important festivities in Spain. People have break from their work and students don´t have to go to classes. Every year, many processions pass through the streets in the centre of the cities, which are very crowded in this time.

In most of the cities of Mediterranean region we can see and feel the real atmosphere of celebration. Easter is very popular in Spain, much more than in other countries of Europe.





Orchestras play music all day, people wear elegant clothes and the streets have a lot of life. Children have a lot of fun. They enjoy this celebration a lot and one of the reasons is that in most of the processions they get candies. Other reason of course is that they don't have to go to school and having fun is the main activity.


Easter is different in each city of Spain.


In Elche, Palm Sunday is the most emotional day. Thousands of people go to the streets carrying palms, which are made from white leaves of the palm trees. 



Palm Sunday, Easter in Mediterranean region



The most spectacular Silence Procession is in Orihuela. On Easter Thursday night the city stays in complete silence, only steps of the parade can be listened.


Santa Cruz neighbourhood in Alicante has one of the most emotive parades in Spain, this parade goes through the beautiful small streets and stairs of this neighbourhood. 

The most beautiful day is the Resurrection Sunday, where the happiness is in the ambient of every city.



Easter in Mediterranean region



On Easter Monday most of the people go to the beach or to some natural areas with the friends and family and have lunch there.


In Lorca, Easter is maybe the most important festivity of the year. People of the city are separated in two different groups – blue and white. They are challenging between each other whole week, joking and laughing. Horses from different regions of Spain are the main attraction here.



Lorca Easter

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