Torrevieja Salt Lagoons Natural Park

Places and routes | 16 mai 2013

Torrevieja Salt Lagoons, maybe the most amazing place to see in the area of Ciudad Quesada. This huge Natural Park (3.700 hectares) with salty water from the sea is a protected area because of its unique vegetation and the fauna that lives there, mostly birds and flamingos. The water and mud of these lagoons are very good for health.



Torrevieja Salt Lagoons



These are the largest salt producing lagoons in Europe and they have been used since the Romans times. It's a wonderful experience to have a walk with the family there, enjoy the wildlife and then to see the huge mountains of salt during the sunset. 



Torrevieja Salt Lagoons sunset



There is a pedestrian route of 3.500 metres with very beautiful views. Also a 5 kilometres route for cycling. It can be a perfect one-day excursion with the family or friends.


Don´t forget to take your camera or you will regret, in Torrevieja Salt Lagoons you will be able to make amazing photos.



Torrevieja Salt Lagoons



The landscape is a mix between an isolated universe and a wild area. According to the season of the year the landscape is completely different.  


At the end of the summer you can see an incredible landscape at Torrevieja Salt Lagoons, the water becomes totally pink.



Torrevieja Salt Lagoons



If you live in the area don´t miss this place, it's different to everything you have seen before.


The history of how this lagoons were formed is also curious, thousands of years ago the sea was covering all this area. With the pass of the years, the sea level dropped and the lagoons were formed.



Torrevieja Salt Lagoons history

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