De Bassus La Zenia

Gastronomy | 10 juil. 2013

Do you like natural beer? German sausages?

Maybe De Bassus is a place for you. You can find it next to La Zenia Boulevard, in the centre of Torrevieja, Elche and Murcia.


The design of the restaurant is really original, every detail makes you feel like in a traditional restaurant of Bavaria. All the waiters and waitresses wear a typical Bavarian dress, the tables and chairs are made of wood and the atmosphere makes you feel really welcome.



De Bassus La Zenia



De Bassus La Zenia is a nice restaurant to enjoy with friends or with the family. The food is like in Bavaria – very good meat, lots of types of sausages, potatoes and of course the typical German pretzels.


But the most important here is the beer, that's what makes this place so special. They make their own beer with natural ingredients. There are four different kinds:


- Pils, soft lager beer, easy to drink;

- Hell, a little bit stronger taste;

- Weizen, wheat strong taste beer;

- Dunkel, sweet dark beer.



De Bassus La Zenia



De Bassus La Zenia is the main restaurant of the franchise and also the place where the beer is made. Every week they organize special events like the Oktoberfest or the Russian party. This great restaurant in La Zenia  has a really cool area for children, they will enjoy playing while you can be eating next to them.


Our new residential La Zenia Beach its located 1 minute from De Bassus La Zenia.

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