Mar Menor

Places and routes | 27 mai 2014

Mar Menor is a salt lagoon considered the world’s largest swimming pool. It’s located in Murcia. La Manga of Mar Menor is a strip of land with 24 km in length and average width of 300 meters that separates the Mediterranean Sea from Mar Menor.


The excelent weather and the calm waters makes it posible to practise all types of nautical sports throughout the year. If you go to this place we recommend you that take a bath in their beautiful beaches with white sand and clear blue water. The water of this sea have a therapeutic properties and is very healthy for your health problems.


El Mar Menor



The Mar Menor is considered the largest natural spa of the world for the therapeutic properties of its waters. The warm waters of this sea has a high concentration of  salts and iodines that are an excellent therapeutic remedy. These medicinal waters reduce your orthopedic, rheumatological, dermatological and respiratory problems.



Mar Menor




The average temperature is 17 degrees. It’s not lower than 10 degrees in winter and not exceed 36 degrees in summer. A light breeze is blowing of the sea and soften the high temperatures of summer.



Islas del Mar Menor

 Mar Menor Islands. By



This salt lagoon is a paradise for sports lovers because the water is shallow (7 meters of depth) and it’s very calm throughout the year. You can practise all kinds of nautical sports as sailing, windsurfung, kitesurf, jet skiing, water skiing, catamaran and diving.



Deportes Náuticos

Nautical Sports. By



It’s an excelent site to go with children and senior persons because the water is very calm.



El Mar Menor


If you likes take a bath in a calm sea and enjoy a spa treatment 100% natural you should visit the Mar Menor.

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