Dino Park in Alicante

Places and routes | 15 avril 2015

Welcome to Dino Park Algar. It’s located inside the Cactus de Algar botanical garden of Callosa de Ensarria. It’s 90 minutes driving from Ciudad Quesada. If you visit this wonderful park you can see more than 50 life-size static and robotic dinosaurs placed inside this amazing natural area. Also you can visit the exhibition Viaje al pasado de la tierra and watch the 3D film Triceratops.



Dino Park Algar

Dino Park. By dinopark.es



The robotic dinosaurs performed real movements such as breathe, turn his head, open his eyes, chew and wag his tail.



Dino Park Algar

Cactus de Algar Garden. By dinopark.es



In the park you will see famous dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Brachinosaurus. The larger figure is a Diplodocus of 26 meters.



Dino Park AlgarDinosaurs. Vía: dinopark.es


There are a palentological area for children with a lovely pool and a excavation area where you can find a prehistoric creature under the sand.



Dino Park Algar

Palentological area for children. Vía: dinopark.es


If you visit the exhibition Viaje al pasado de la Tierra you can see teeth and claws of various predators, fossil horsetails and Archaeopeteryx footprints. There are a picnic and a snack bar in the park.



Dino Park Cine 3D

3D cinema. By dinopark.es



Also you can watch Triceratops in 3D cinema. It’s the story of a baby dinosaur from the infancy to adulthood.



Dino Park Algar

Dino Park. By dinopark.es


Enjoy the fascinating world of dinosaurs with your family in Dino Park.

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