Dolphin and whale watching in Mazarron

Places and routes | 26 janv. 2016

Dolphin and whale watching in Mazarron is a unique experience. It’s one of the best places of Europe to see dolphins, pilot whales and sperm whales in the open sea. There are a number of companies in the marina area of Mazarron that offer whale watching trips. You can whale watching throughout the year.



Dolphin and whale watching in Mazarrón

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The excellent climate of the area allows smooth sailing for watching cetaceans. Costa Cálida has 300 days of sunshine and 20 degrees all year round.



Dolphin and whale watching in Mazarrón

Dolphin and whale watching in Mazarron. By



You can sailing on a boat or an old fishing boat between one or several days. We recommend you keep your eyes glued to the horizon while the animals appear. Also you get the opportunity to snorkel in this fish-rich waters on summer.



Ballenas y Delfines en la Costa Cálida.

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You can watch the dolphins playing around the prow of the boat. Also you can see long-finned pilot whales of 6 meters long. If you are lucky you might see the back of sperm whales that appear under the surface wich can measure between 15 and 18 meters.



Delfines y Ballenas en la Costa Cálida

Whales in Mazarron. By



Come to enjoy this magical experience in Mazarron bay. Finally, we suggest you to taste the delicious food of Murcia Region.

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