Cave Sima of La Serreta

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The Cave Sima of La Serreta is located in the Protected Natural Area of the Almadenes Canyon in Cieza. It’s one of the most important caves of the Region of Murcia. If you visit this place you can see cave paintings from the Paleolithic and the remains of a Roman archaeological site. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998. You can enjoy amazing views toward the Almadenes Canyon and the  Segura river from the balcony located outside of the cave. Come and discover the treasures that are hidden inside.



Cave  Sima of La Serreta

 Cave Paintings. By 


Also you can observe some 50 schematic art figures in two panels. The images represent schematic figures of humans and animals in thick strokes of red color. Among the representations we can highlight hunting scenes such as arches, horses, goats, deer, etc. These cave paintings were restored in the year 2002.



Cueva of Sima de la Serreta

Cave Sima de la Serreta. By



Currently, the cave remains closed to the public. If you want to visit you must arrange a guided tour at the Tourist Office of Cieza. The tourist visits usually take place in small groups and have an approximate duration of 1 hour. We recommend you wear comfortable clothes and footwear.



Cave of Sima de la Serreta

Roman site. By


In the cave there is a roman archaeological site. It’s a rectangular room of 5 meters long by 2,5 meters wide.


Cueva Sima de la Serreta

Cave Sima de la Serreta. By



There were also two Lucerne, a knife of iron, three bronze medical items, coins and bracelets. You can see these archaeological objects in the Museum of Archeology in Cieza.



Cueva Sima de la Serreta. By Ruralmur

If you want to visit the cave Sima of La Serreta you should register at the Tourist Office of Cieza or call to 968 433 500.

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