Camino de Santiago from Alicante

Places and routes | 4 apr 2013

Maybe one of the best ways to enjoy the nature and discover the most hidden places of Spain is making Camino de Santiago from Alicante



Camino de Santiago from Alicante



Camino de Santiago is the most famous pilgrimage in Europe, but you don't need to be religious to do it. Every year thousands of people from whole Europe go to Santiago walking, by bicycle or by horse. 



Santiago from Alicante



It can take you a few days to get there, sometimes weeks or even months. Depends on where you start and how fast you go. Lot of people go by parts, a little bit each year until they arrive to Santiago.


What is true is that Camino de Santiago is one of the most incredible experiences of the life. The places you discover, the people you meet in the way... Everything is amazing. Sometimes it's hard but you know that each step you make will take you closer to Santiago. And finally, when you get there, you see the beautiful cathedral of Santiago and you just run to it with tears in your eyes. The feeling of this moment will stay in your heart forever.


Santiago Cathedral



The most common way to Santiago is from Roncesvalles (about 860km), also lot of people go by "Camino del norte" thought a beautiful Cantabrian coast.



Way to Santiago from Alicante



You can also start from Alicante, it will take you about 30 days walking or 19 by bicycle, time enough to meet your own feelings and the amazing Spanish culture and history, you will cross all the country, from the south-east to the north-west. The way from Alicante to Santiago is named “Camino del Sureste” and goes through the old roman road full of history.


You can see the route from each day here.



Buen Camino

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