10 Tips for saving money in Spain

Useful information | 7 maí 2013

Spain is a country with good prices in most of the products, but I’m sure that with this tips you will be able to save lot of money in Spain:


1)    Check prices in different supermarkets, they always have some products really cheap and other ones more expensive.  Example: Lidl has a good price of meat but vegetables use to have higher prices than other supermarkets.


Saving money in Spain, supermarket


2)    Trains are more expensive than busses. To have a cheap train ticket you have to buy it 2 months before.


3)    In restaurants ask about “Menú del día”, it’s served between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. and normally has a really good price. Is a good chance to try the Spanish typical meals.


4)    Instead of eating a big dinner you can have some “tapas”. Two or three tapas with cold beer make you feel great. 


Spanish tapas, saving money


5)     Most of the museums have a free entrance on Sundays. Also cinemas have a special day with lower tariffs.


6)     Everything is more expensive in the city centre, walk a little bit and you will find better prices.


7)   There are some petrol stations with lower prices but they use to be crowded. Use a good moment to fill the tank, for example: “siesta” time.


Saving petrol spain


8)      Go by bicycle, Spain has such a good weather, so enjoy it.


9)     If you are going to stay here, get the Spanish Residency. You can use a public health care and have many other advantages.


10)     Buying and renting houses is much cheaper in smaller cities. There are a lot of nice places in Spain, not only Madrid and Barcelona.


Spanish Residential, Los Alcazares



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