Arab Tea House in Crevillente

Places and routes | 21 maí 2013

Hidden in the mountains of Crevillente we will try to find Carmen del Campillo's Arab Tea House, maybe it's too hidden. If you go for the first time there is recommended to be guided by somebody who has gone before. The place is very beautiful and the atmosphere will make you feel like ten centuries ago in an Arab palace.



Arab Tea House Crevillente



If you decide to be brave and go alone for the first time you should have a look of the map below. Even if you are direct descendant of Indiana Jones, please,  have a look before at the map.



Bigger map



Once you arrive there you will have to ring the bell and wait until somebody open you the gates, at the same moment you will get one ticket for ordering your drinks.


Tea is not specially good at this place, also will be the most expensive tea you have ever order, about 5-6 € each tea. But you are not paying only for the tea, forget about the crowded city and have a long walk through the amazing gardens and the Arab house, it's just amazing. Don't forget your camera or you'll regret.



Tea House Crevillente



Go up and down through the stairs of the house and discover every hidden place, there are several rooms and terraces where you can sit and drink your tea calmly.


It's a very romantic place, if you want to have a dreamy date please note this place. But be sure that you know how to get there.



Arab Tea House Crevillente



Is not the place for going every day but for relaxing one time a year is really nice, also is very recommended for tourists who just want to discover the hidden places with charm.



Arab Tea House

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