Paddle Tennis in Spain

Sports | 4 júl 2013

Paddle Tennis is becoming very popular in Spain. If you like to play tennis but you are bored of going all the time to the net to pick the ball or if you think that tennis is slow when you play doubles, you should try out Paddle Tennis.


The court of Paddle is smaller than in tennis and the net is lower. For playing, instead of racquet we use wood paddle and the ball is a little bit softer and bounces less than in tennis.



paddle Tennis in Spain



The court is rounded by a wall and a fence. The general rule is that the ball must bounce in the court before hitting the wall and it cannot bounce again after.


Paddle Tennis is just perfect for playing with friends. It gives you a lot of fun and it`s healthy. The most important in this sport is that your age doesn't matter. The position on the court and skill are the secrets of Paddle Tennis. You can see a 50 years old couple easily beating a young, athletic couple. 



Paddel Tennis in Spain



You will be able to play Paddle Tennis very near your house in Ciudad Quesada;


In Benijofar:


Recrea Padel, 692 770 203


In Almoradí:


Gika Sport, 966 783 320


In Guardamar:


On Guardamar, 630 90 20 30


In Torrevieja:


Torrevieja Sports city, 96 611 12 22


Club Pádel Torrevieja, 653 285 856

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