Mediterranean villa, Lucia

Construction | 25 júl 2013

Choosing one villa to speak about is difficult when you have such a large variety. Today we have chosen villa Lucia, maybe the most popular one in Ciudad Quesada. This villa is very customizable. You can choose every detail of the house, it´s impossible to find two identical Lucia villas.



Mediterranean villa, Lucia



This villa is plenty of natural light thanks to its large windows. The living room is very spacious. It can be connected with the kitchen or not. As everything in this villa, the final decision is yours. This "little palace" has 5 terraces, two of them in the main bedroom and the third floor is a great solarium for enjoying the Spanish climate.



Mediterranean villa, Lucia



You will have to think a lot about what to do with the 180 m2 basement of Villa Lucia. Would you like to have a billiard, darts and a lounge bar at home? Or maybe you prefer to have cinema? The decision is yours.



Mediterranean villa, Lucia



Other important characteristic of Villa Lucia is the plot of 776 m2 where you can have a swimming pool rounded by special Canadian wood floor, a barbeque and a beautiful garden. 



Mediterranean Villa Lucia



If you want to know more about Villa Lucia, please contact us in our office in Doña Pepa.


Here you can see four different models of Villa Lucia:


Villa Lucia Villa Lucia

Villa Lucia Villa Lucia

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