Diving in Torrevieja

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If you want to know the underwater world you should visit Torrevieja. The City has a interesting routes for diving and a excellent weather. Temperatures are generally 18 degrees all year round and the sea is calm in winter.



Ruta Snorkel Torrevieja

Cala de la Higuera. By turismodetorrevieja.com


Diving is a very interesting activity for lovers of the sea and aquatic fauna. You can see a lot of coves with clear blue water and beautiful underwater landscape in Torrevieja. There are a lot of caves, rocky bottoms, sandy and detached blocks.



Buceo en Torrevieja

Diving in Torrevieja. By torreviejanauticalexperience.com



The great atmosphere of the area makes it possible to organize excursions throughout the year. You can practice wreck diving, night diving and technical diving in several languages. Also you can to do safety and rescue, fish identification and underwater photography.



Excursión de buceo en Torrevieja

Diving excursion in Torrevieja. By torreviejanauticalexperience.com



If you want to try a new experience and enjoy the underwater nature you can visit a diving clubs and diving schools where you can learn this sport. You can practice baptisms diving courses, Open Water Driver, Advanced Open Water Driver, first aid, dive instructor and technical diving.


The town hall of Torrevieja’s created a Snorkeling touristic guide to publicize the sea beds of the coast. If you are interested in this sport you only need a mask and snorkel to dive into this wonderful world and learn about marine and aquatic species that hide in these beautiful parts of the coast.


This guidebook shows us six underwater tourist routes from the coast. You can see the route in the map below.




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