Cost of Living in Spain

Useful information | 24 júl 2019

Thousands of foreigners choose the Costa Blanca to come on vacation or as a second place of residence. Quality of life, climate, spectacular landscapes, gastronomy and cost of living, which is below the European average, are some of the reason that attract them to come to Spain. You can have a beer from € 1.50 or enjoy a coffee in a cafeteria for only € 1.

Cost of Living in Spain

The cost of living in Spain varies according to the area: cities like Madrid and Barcelona are among the most expensive, while the province of Alicante is surprisingly cheap. You can enjoy a daily menu in a restaurant from € 10.

Cost of Living in Spain

Living in the Costa Blanca is 6% cheaper than in the rest of the country. To calculate your monthly expenses, you must bear in mind accommodation, food, transport, medical insurance and leisure activities, among others.

Public transportation costs from € 1.50 per person if it is local transport and gasoline is about € 1.28 per liter.

Cost of Living in Spain

Finally, we propose some leisure activities that might be interesting you, such as going to the gym from € 35 per month, renting a tennis court for 1 hour for only € 11 or going to the cinema for € 8.

Cost of Living in Spain

What are you waiting for to visit the Costa Blanca? Come and enjoy the Mediterranean diet with the best fresh products, great quality at affordable prices such as meats, fish, fruits and vegetables that go from the garden to the table.

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