Tips for driving in Spain

Nuttige informatie | 21 mrt 2013

Driving abroad is always difficult, especially in the first days. But don’t worry, you will get used to it very soon. Below I’m leaving you some tips for driving in Spain without problems:



Tips for driving in Spain



1.- Drive on the right!!!


2.- Use the motorways (Autopistas), which have a lot of information on the way. All the country is connected by them. Blue signals always mean Autopista.



Highway, tips for driving in Spain



3.- The most inconvenience time of driving in Spain is 09:00 a.m. and 20:00 p.m., especially in big cities. Also if there is a school near us, there can be a lot of traffic about 17:00 p.m.


4.- Speed limits in Spain:


  • Motorway – 120km/h
  • National roads – 90 km/h   
  • Cities – 50 km/h




5.- Never cross the solid white line when you want to overtake other car, wait for the broken line. National roads are dangerous.


6.- Always needed in the car:


  • Driving license
  • Insurance documents
  • Your own documents
  • Fluorescent vest
  • 2 warning triangles


7.- Alcohol? As much as you want but then take a taxi please, they are quite cheap in Spain.


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