Spanish recipe, Tortilla de patatas

Gastronomie | 2 aug 2013

Tortilla de patatas is one of the most popular meals in Spain. It`s tasty and very easy to prepare. You will know how to cook it very soon.


Tortilla de patatas can be an excellent tapa for sharing and it also fits very well to sandwiches.
Some people say that it`s better to eat it one day after cooking. So you will have to resist and not eat it all immediately after its preparation.



Tortilla de patatas





· 6-7 eggs


· 3 big potatoes


· Olive oil


How to make it?


The most important for making a beautiful Tortilla de patatas is to have a good pan. I recommend you to have one pan which you use only for making tortilla.


1) Peel potatoes and cut them in slices,


2) Mix all the eggs in a bowl, add salt,


3) Fry potatoes in olive oil, add salt,


4) When potatoes are fried, take out most of the olive oil and add eggs,


5) Fry on low fire until the bottom of tortilla is cooked. Now, using a big plate, you will do a "magic trick" flipping the tortilla and frying it on the other side,


6) Enjoy it ;) You can eat it hot, cold, with onion, with tomato sauce, with garlic sauce... Tortilla de patatas fits perfect with everything.



Spanish Tortilla de Patatas


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