Flying simulator in Spain

Places and routes | 22 Apr 2013

Would you like to be a pilot for one day? There is a company in Alcoy that offers you this possibility. You can become a pilot for one day in its simulator. People who has tried it, tells that it’s an amazing experience. Using the structure of a real Airbus A320, they have built a modern simulator which can make you feel the real adrenaline of flying.



Flying simulator spain



The company offers advanced courses for professional pilots, but also flying lessons for beginners with an instructor. Also clases for loosing the fear of fliying. Views from the cabin are amazing. Sometimes they make you feel like you are really flying.


The most exciting is maybe the moment of landing. Your heart starts to beat faster and your hands start to shake.



Flying simulator



Airports and flying routes are real, so you can fly above your city and see your house during the day or during the night. The feeling of controlling an Airbus, 10.000 metres above sea level is just impressive.


Price for this pleasure is about 100 € per hour. You can get some discounts if you stay 3 hours or take more than one lesson.



Flying simulator in Spain



They also offer the airport pickup service. Let's become pilots for a day!


You can have more information at the website:, also using the telephone: 966 381 014 / 609 790 534.


After some lessons, you shouldn´t be afraid if suddenly a stewardess ask for help the passengers, like in the famous movie Airplane!


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