Mountain Paella Recipe

Gastronomy | 26 sep. 2014

Paella is a typical food of Spain. The mountain paella is a traditional food of Alicante and Murcia. It’s cooked with rabbit and snails. We tell you how cook this delicious recipe in this post.




Mountain paella. By



Ingredients for 4 persons:


· 1 rabbit


· 400 grams of rice


· 24 snails


· 1 ripe tomato


· 1 red pepper


· 1 garlic


· Saffron


· White pepper


· Salt


· Oil


· 1 lemon



Arroz con conejo y caracoles

Mountain paella. By




How to make it?


1) Clean the snails and put them in a pot with cold water.


2) Cut the rabbit and the red pepper.


3) Boil the snails. When it boils remove and drain snails.


4) Boil the rabbit. Keep the rabbit soup.


5) Stir-fry the rabbit with salt.


6) Add red pepper and garlic.


7) Stir-fry the tomato with saffron.


8) Add the rice and stir-fry it.


9) Add the rabbit soup.


10) Add red pepper, snails and salt when the paella is boiling.


11) Cook it for 20 minutes.


12) Finally, cover the paella with a cloth and rest it for 5 minutes.




Paella de arroz

Mountain paella. By





We suggest you to garnish the paella with lemon. Also you can eat this delicious plate with red wine.


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