Salto del Usero

Places and routes | 31 okt. 2014

Salto del Usero is a natural landscape located in Bullas. It’s one of the most beautiful landscapes of Murcia. It’s composed of a natural cave with an amazing pond and a cascade inside. The pond is four meters depth. It’s an amazing area surrounded by beautiful vegetation.



Salto del Usero

Salto del Usero. By



This spectacular area has a variety of waterfalls situated in the Mula’s riverbed.



Salto del Usero

Cave. By



It’s a geological place included in the Red Natura 2000 and declared Municipal Natural Landscape.



Salto del Usero

Waterfall. By



We propose you to visit this wonderful place and take a bath in this cave. You can access to the Salto del Usero by routes and handrails situated around the river.



Rio Mula

Mula River. By



If you want to visit this natural landscape you have to cross a wood bridge and go down the slope. Finally, you have to cross the river and arrive to this place. You will see a beautiful cascade. If you go down to the river you can see a variety of ponds too.



Salto del Usero

Cascade. By



If you would like to know an idilic landscape you should visit the Salto del Usero.


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