Holy week in Orihuela

Culture | 1 Apr 2015

Easter is one of the most important festivities in Spain. The origins of easter parades in Orihuela date back to the 16th Century. The holy week in Orihuela was declared Festivity of International Tourist Interest in 2010. The Orihuela streets are transformed into scenes of religious fervour and devotion to commemorate the passion and death of Jesus Christ.



Holy week in Orihuela

Holy week in Orihuela. By semanasantaorihuela.com



The Silence Procession takes place on Easter Thursday. The procession passes through the old town. The dark night is illuminated by the lanterns of the participants and the only sounds to be heard are the penitents footsteps. The Canto de la Pasión is a religious chant that dispels the stillness as Christ passes.



Semana Santa en Orihuela

Procession. By semanasantaorihuela.com



Thousands of people accompany the religious images on their route through the Orihuela streets in the procession of Easter Friday.



Semana Santa Orihuela

Caballero Cubierto Procession. By semanasantaorihuela.com



The Caballero Cubierto procession takes place on Easter Saturday. The papal bull declares that only one person can wear a hat inside the church in this procession.



La Diablesa

La diablesa. By abc.es



If you visit the Easter Saturday procession you can see La Diablesa. It is the only demon that appears in the Holy Week procession in Spain.


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