Cheese Cake Recipe

Gastronomy | 6 May 2016

Do you like Cheese Cake? It´s a creamy cake with a delicious base of crispy cookies. In this post we tell you how to prepare this delicious cold cake. You best take a springform pan, so that the cake will not be ruined when you take it out.



Tarta de Queso

Cheese Cake. By




 · 250 gramos de queso Philadephia

· 250 gramos que queso fresco

· 250 gramos de queso mascarpone

· 100 gramos de mantequilla

· 250 de gramos de galletas

· 6 láminas de gelatina

· ½ vaso de leche

· 100 gramos de azúcar

· Mermelada de frambuesa



Cheese Cake Recipe

Cheese Cake



How to make the recipe?

1) Crunch the cookies in a food processor (first break them in smaller pieces).

2) Melt the butter in a sauce pan.

3) Mix the cookies with the melted butter.

4) Put this mix in the springform pan to cover the base.

5) Put the cake pan in the fridge for 10 to 15 minutes.

6) Soak the leafs of gelatin in a plate.

7) Boil the milk .

8) Squeeze the water out of the gelatin and put it in the still hot milk, so it will be dissolved.

9) Put all the cheeses, the sugar and the milk with the gelatin in a bowl.

10) Mix the ingredients well with a whisk.

11) Get the springform pan out of the fridge.

12) Put the mixed ingredients on top of the base.

13) Put the ´pan´ again in the fridge for at least 6 hours (or more).

14) Put raspberry jam on top for decoration.

15) Get it out of the springform pan and serve.



Tarta de Queso

Cheese Cake. By


How to serve?

This cake is being served cold



In this post we told you to decorate with raspberry jam, but you can use any jam you like. Remember to use a springform pan, so it doesn´t get broken when you take it out.


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