Accesible Beaches

| 1 sie 2014

The Costa Blanca has a lot of accesible beaches for handicapped and disabled persons.  The Accesible Beaches Plan have a great offer of services as parking, ramps, walkways from the sand to the sea, beach umbrellas area, amphibious chairs and crutch, changing rooms, showers and toilets adapted for disabled. Also it has recreational and educational areas for mentally disabled and specialized personnel to help people with physical disabilities.



Playas accesibles

Accesible Beaches. By



Disabled persons can enjoy the sea without limitations. The mentally disabled persons can visit the recreational and educational areas and practise recreational activities with positive values. It’s a funny educational plan between the schools activities and the summer vacations.



Areas lúdico-pedagógicas

Recreational and educational area. By



The physically disabled persons can take a bath with amphibious chairs aided by specialist people. They can practise nautical sports without limitations in the adapted sport centers for diving and sailing.



Sillas Anfibias

Water chair. By



There are excelent accesibles services in these beaches. The slope of the ramps is less than 8 per cent and it’s connected with the walkway. The beach umbrellas area has wood floor and it’s reserved for physically disabled persons. The bath area has buoys for guide visually impaired persons.



Silla anfibia

Water chair. By



The amphibious chairs are used by physically disabled persons to move in the sand and take a bath in the sea with the assistance of specialist people. Also, exist the amphibious crutches for walk in the beach. The toilets and showers have slip floor.



Playas Accesibles

Accesible Tourism. By



You can find the accesible beaches of Spain in Discapnet. It’s a online guide to inform the location and services of this beaches.

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