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Construction | 6 3月 2013

Euromarina's architect – Juan Francisco Chumilla Ripoll tells us about the  construction structures of Euromarina's building process. 


Construction structures. Building in Spain


For the optimal execution of a building project, an effective planning is essential, and we know it.

“The first thing we do is a geometric study. After that we decide which type of foundation the house will need: isolated footing or foundation slab”.



Construction structures, Building


“We always use a reinforced concrete to obtain the most resistant structure. First,
we think about the quality of our constructions – it's the most important for us. Our houses never fall down”.


“Waffle slab with porticoes and pillars make our buildings lighter and stiffer than normal flats”.

“During all constructions we respect the seismic construction standards and the new standards of Technical Building Code”.
After such a brilliant and solid construction you can only expect results like these:

Construction structures. Spanish villa



Villa Lucia is always full of natural light, has a spacious living room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms a huge basement with hundreds of possibilities and large terraces for enjoying the Spanish climate. All this in a 776 m2 plot.






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