Home insulation

Construction | 26 3月 2013

Home sweet home - this is what you feel when you enter to one of our houses. The home insulation is what will made you feel comfortable at home during the hot and dry days of August, also during the rains that can be in October or November. If you use at home air-conditioning equipment, a proper installation of insulation prevents energy waste.



Home insulation



People don't think normally about the isolation of the house they are going to buy and later they get unpleasant surprises. In Euromarina we think about the satisfaction of our clients and we make the houses taking care of every detail.


Speaking about the isolation.


We use the newest materials for cavity walls in our buildings. An insulation material is made from the best rockwool to protect houses from humidity and to have soundproof walls.



Home insulation



ISOVER is our supplier. It´s a market leader of an isolation for construction. Here, the high quality is guaranteed.


For an isolation of structural floor, we use a high quality acoustic insulating sheet under the floor, provided by WURTH. This structural floor keeps the pleasant temperature at home and provides an excellent soundproof.





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