Municipal Aquarium of Santa Pola

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The Municipal Aquarium of Santa Pola is the oldest aquarium saltwater in Valencia since 1996. It has 710 m2 divided into nine large aquariums that show a representative variety of flora and fauna of the Mediterranean Sea.


You can see a great diversity of marine species of the Mediterranean Sea as seahorses, octopuses, loggerhead turtles, golden, sea bass, groupers, leerfish, wicked, brunettes and bream fish.



Aquarium de Santa Pola



If you want to know the native marine species of Santa Pola and Tabarca you should visit the Municipal Aquarium of Santa Pola.


The marine species of the aquarium are donated by fishermen of Santa Pola. These species have been captured while fishing.



Especies acuario de Santa Pola



In the municipal aquarium there is a field of biological research for study of native species of the area. They study animal and plant physiology, systematics, physics, chemistry, fisheries, aquaculture and oceanography.



Aquarium de Santa Pola Interior




The Aquarium of Santa Pola is the ideal place for pass a funny day with your children.


The ticket is free on local holidays.


Phone: 0034 - 965 41 69 16




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