Garden of Huerto del Cura

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The Huerto del Cura is a private botanical garden of 13,000 m2 with 1,000 palm trees and a variety of Mediterranean and tropical plants. It was avowed National Artistic Garden in 1943. It’s located in Elche.


If you visit this place you can see a great botanical garden with typical Mediterranean crops and tropical plants from the most exotic places such as lemon, orange, fig, pomegranate, carob, jujube trees, palms and cacti.



Huerto del Cura

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The Palmera Imperial is a beautiful palm with 17 meters of high and 8 tones. This spectacular palm has seven symmetrical arms born from the trunk. The palm has more than 165 years old.


The churchman Castro dedicated this palm to Empress Elisabeth of Austria when she visited the garden in 1894. And he called this palm Palmera Imperial in her honor.



Palmera Imperial

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In the garden there typical desert plants such as cacti and succulents that give an exotic look to the park. These plants are surrounded by rocks, ponds and pools.




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The Huerto del Cura was visited by famous people such as Kings of Spain, Alfonso XIII, Miguel Primo de Rivera, Severo Ochoa y Arthur Rubinstein. They have a dedicated palm with their names marked on the trunk.



El Huerto del Cura Elche

El Huerto del Cura. By



If you want to pass a wonderful day in the nature and enjoy to beautiful scenery you should visit the Huerto del Cura.


Phone: 965 451 936





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