Mona de Pascua in Alicante

Gastronomy | 15 4月 2014

Mona de Pascua is a traditional cake of Alicante. It’s a bun made with farina, eggs, sugar and salt. It’s cooked at Easter in Alicante. The tradition of Easter Monday is go with your family to the country, the beach or the mountains to eat the Mona de Pascua.


Mona de Pascua


It’s a bun with elongated or round shape with a egg in the center. Also you can find the Mona de Pascua with animal forms such as lizard, snake, turtle, bear and a lot of creative designs.


Monas de Pascua


The tradition dictates to stamp the egg in the face of a family member or a friend when they are unprepared to tear it before eating.


We suggest you to take the Mona de Pascua with chocolate. Taste and enjoy it!





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