Strudel Grilled Vegetables

Gastronomy | 14 7月 2014

The strudel grilled vegetable are elaborated with typical products of Murcia. You can prepare this recipe with aubergines, tomatoes, asparagus, marrows and eggs. It’s a delicious recipe easy to prepare it.


We tell you how cook this recipe in this post.



Milhojas de verduras


Strudel Grilled Vegetables. By


Ingredients for 4 strudel:


· 2 aubergines


· 2 marrows


· 2 tomatoes


· 200 grams of asparagus


· 4 eggs



Ingredientes milhojas de verduras

Ingredients. By



How to make it?


1)  Cut the vegetables.


2) Putt he ingredients in a grill with oil.


3)  Roast the vegetables simmer.


4) Beat the eggs.


5) Put the beaten egg in a nonstick skillet to make a fine tortilla.


6) Putt the ingredients in a plate and mix the tortilla with vegetables.


7) Serve individual.


8) Taste and enjoy it!



Parrillada de verduras

Grilled Vegetables. By





You can eat the strudel grilled vegetables hot or cold. It’s an ideal food for lunch or dinner.





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