Nit de l'Albà

Culture | 8 8月 2014

The Nit de l’Albà is a festivity of Elche. It’s a magical night where the sky is ablaze with light and color. It’s celebrated on 13th of August. On this night, hundreds of fireworks with various forms and colors are launched from different points of the city for 45 minutes by a pyrotechnic company. Also, the citizens set off fireworks from their terraces. We suggest you to visit Elche this night and enjoy this wonderful light and sound show.


La Nit de l'Albà

Nit de l’Albà. By



The origins of this festival date back to the Middle Ages. The families threw a firework for each child to pay homage to the Virgin. The tradition has turned into this festivity where hundreds of fireworks are launched from throughout the city.



Fuegos artificiales

Fireworks. By



The fireworks are launched from various terraces of the city from 11.15 p.m. It’s an amazing performance where the sky is illuminated by beautiful fireworks. A few minutes before midnight the lights go down and the people sing the hymn of Mystery of Elche.



Nit de l'Albà

Virgin’s Palm. By



The Palm of the Virgin is launched at 12 p.m. from the Basilica of Santa Maria. It’s an spectacular palm of white light that illuminate the city during one minute. After this magical moment, the lights come back and the virgin of fire appears while the people sing the famous habanera Aromas Ilicitanos.



Guerra de Carretillas

Ground Fireworks. By



Finally, the fireworks lovers participate in the traditional Guerrilla de Carretillas. It’s  a mock fight where citizens launch ground fireworks and firecrackers in a closed area.





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