The Lake Cave

Places and routes | 24 9月 2014

The Lake Cave is located in the marine reserve of Cabo Tiñoso in Cartagena. There are an amazing salt lake inside the cave. If you likes to discover the treasures of this lake you have to diving three meters depth. We recommend you to go to the cave with expert persons and bring an underwater flashlight.



Cueva del Lago

Lake Cave. By



If you want to visit the cave you have to sailing in the reserve marine of Cabo Tiñoso until the big rock arch. Then you have to diving under the arch to arrive at the access of the cave.



Entrada de la Cueva del Lago.

Lake Cave. By



Finally, you have to diving about seven meters until the cupola. Once there, you can take off your dive equipment. Then you can go walking to the lake.




Lake Cave. By



The lake has 12 meters depth and 80 meters long. It’s located in a underwater cupola of 42,000 m3 that is one of the biggest dome of the Costa Calida.



Ruta de la Cueva del Lago


Lake Cave Route. By



The cave has a big gallery with underwater passages that are very dangerous. It’s only can be visited by cave divers.



Mapa de la Cueva del Lago

Map of the Lake Cave. By



We recommend you to visit this amazing cave with clear blue water.





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