Caldero's Day

Gastronomy | 13 10月 2014

The Caldero’s Day is celebrated in Los Alcázares on October 12 to conmemorate the independence of the town. Thousand of people visit Los Alcázares and Los Narejos beaches to enjoy the sun, the sea and music while taste a delicious plate of caldero.




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It’s a famous festivity of Murcia. If you visit Los Alcázares you can taste a delicious plate of Caldero that is cooked in a huge cauldron.



Fiesta del Caldero

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The Caldero is a typical food of Murcia. It’s elaborated with rice, ñora and a variety of fish. It has its origin in 19th century when the fishermen cooked the fish that they can’t sale in the fish market in cauldron.



Fiesta del Caldero


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The people cook the Caldero on the beach. The sea aroma are mixed with the Caldero scent creating a unique atmosphere. Also you can taste this delicious fish rice dish in the restaurants of the town.



Dia del Caldero

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Visit Los Alcázares to enjoy the sea and taste the delicious gastronomy of Murcia.





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