Encañizadas of the Mar Menor

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The Encañizadas is a traditional fishing art of the Mar Menor. It’s a barrier of reeds placed in the canals that separates the Mediterranean Sea to the Mar Menor. The fishermen practice this fishing method since the phoenician period. The captured species have an excelent quality. There are a great variety of fish in the Encañizadas as gilt-head bream, mullet, magre, seabream and sole.




 Encañizadas of Mar Menor. By wikipedia.org



There are five Encañizadas in the Mar Menor know as Harco, Torre, Ventorrilo, El Estacio and Marchamalo. Actually, the fishermen only can fishing in the Encañizada of La Torre that is located between the Salt Lakes and Sandy Areas of San Pedro del Pinatar. It’s a protected natural area unique in the world.




Encañizadas of the Mar Menor. By noticieromarmenor.com



The fishing peak season of the Encañizadas is in autumn. The fish migrate to the Mar Menor to reproduce. This fishing art consist of capture the bigger fish in the traps when these species turn to the Mediterranean Sea.



Encañizadas del Mar Menor

Encañizadas of the Mar Menor. By noticieromarmenor.com



The Encañizadas are divided in four areas as travesias, paranzas, embustes and corrales. The travesia is a barrier of reeds that connected the shore of the Mediterranean Sea with the Mar Menor shore. The paranzas are a open reed boxes to capture the fish. The embustes are similar to paranzas. It has a rectangular form and it’s bigger than paranzas.

The corrales are the fishnets situated in the border of the Encañizadas.



Pescador en las Encañizadas

Fisherman in the Encañizadas of the Mar Menor. Vía: pescadosabaladejo.com



The fishermen said that the fish captured in the Encañizadas is very tasty.



Encañizadas del Mar Menor

Encañizada of La Torre. By pescadosabaladejo.com



We propose you to go to San Pedro del Pinatar and taste the delicious fish captured in the Encañizadas.





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