Toy Valley

Places and routes | 25 11月 2014

We invite you to know the Toy Valley located in Ibi. It’s a lovely town of Alicante where the spanish toys are made. If you visit Ibi you can go to the Toy Museum and the Reyes Magos House. Come to the Toy Valley and enjoy a walk around the toy’s world with your children to revive your infancy.



Museo del Juguete

Toy’s museum. Ibi.



The Toy Museum is located in a restored area of the Payá Factory of Ibi. It has an amazing collection of 4,000 pieces. There are a great variety of tin-plate, plastic and carton toys of the 20th century. You can see different toy themes as cars, trains, boats, planes, home, cinema, mechanisms, the rural world and the city in the showroom. Also you can see the rest of the collection in temporary exhibitions and virtual exhibitions.



Museo del Juguete

Toy’s museum. Ibi.



The Museum is dedicated to collect, preserve, study, educate and spread the heritage Valencian Toys. It has a great collection of spanish and world toys. The personal and company toy donations compose the collection of the museum.



Museo del Jugete

Toy’s museum. Ibi.



We propose you to visit Los Reyes Magos House and the Test Center this Christmas. The Reyes Magos House is a magic place where you can to know how to live the Reyes Magos. It has a coalmine, planetarium, mini cinema and royal hall inside. It will be opened at the end of the year. Your children can check the toys in the Test Center.



La Casa de Los Reyes Magos

Reyes Magos House. Ibi.



Come to the Toy Valley and enjoy it.





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